Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I don't like reading about the Bible. 

I think it's because it seems like such a personal book that writing an analysation on it just makes it seem like an English class. Which works for ALOT of people who like sharing stuff about their bible reading but it just really rubs me the wrong way.

It's not inspiring to me.

But that's cos I'm a lot cynical when it comes to Christian's sincerity about their words. Because it's so easy to just say the "Christiany" things to say. It all sounds a bit wishy-washy after a while and it just loses it's meaning..... to me.

But I think a root cause is that I can say "Christiany" things without sincerity. I know the "holy" sounding phrases pastors use. I know what it's like to sound like a "good Christian". I've done it before. Is that why I question everyone else's sincerity? 

So I've kinda swung on the opposite side and try not to sound so hyped up because it just doesn't feel right. I try stay clear of cliches as much as possible. Always thinking about what I say when it comes to God because I don't want anything to flow out automatically by subconscious memorising from what I hear from preachers and leaders and stuff....

Time to mull it over, ask God.....

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