Saturday, February 25, 2012


Hunger Games spoiler alert (ish)

Okay, so it's not exactly the Bible but I've been reading the Hunger Games book recently and one of the most prominent parts of it is that the people living in that time (in the future) have very little to survive one. Every grain of rice, drop of water, every little berry... is precious. Beef and chicken are luxuries! We can get those on special from the supermarket! The main girl hunts and gathers every day to support her mother and little sister. Showers are cold but seldom. There was no luxury - the most precious thing you had was your family - and the Hunger Games could take them or you away....

Today was a beautiful sunny warm Sunday. I was a bit bored so I grabbed my copy of Catching Fire, my wallet and phone and walked to the dairy to buy an ice-block, and then walked to a nearby park and read. As I sat there reading, I realised how much freedom I have. I had free time, time for leisure, time to play, to sit around. Time. The characters in the books had no such thing. If you weren't productive with the time you had - you suffered, you starved.

How cool is it I could buy ice-block and a can of Mountain Dew for $3.80 and not worry that I didn't finish the drink. That's alright, it wasn't like this was my only ever source of liquids. There's water from the tap and ice in the freezer that ensured that I'd have a cold drink when I needed/wanted one. After reading the Hunger Games, I just started thinking about how EASY my life is. I mean, I have my problems and stress and blah blah blah. But the actual physically surviving part - that's algud.

I found myself thanking God under my tree in the park for the luxury of relaxation. I other people during these times don't have it as easy as I do and the Hunger Games gave me an idea how blessed I am. So are you - cos if you have internet access to read this blog - you're pretty darnned blessed!!

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