Thursday, January 26, 2012

Introduce The Blog

Hello reader :)

I'm not very good at making God related real life conversations. I think one of the reasons is I hate sounding preachy. Also, I get nervous when I talk to people about God because I feel like they want answers or wise words. I get nervous a lot when I talk about anything really. Then I get over excited and talk too fast and then people are just distracted from my awkwardness to actually hear what I'm saying. Anyway, the point is, I have things to say and I say them best through blog.

To encourage my fellow Christian peeps. We all go through sucky stuff and I don't know about you, but I have this ridiculous notion that Christians are supposed to be put-together. I know it in my head that no one's perfect but I still try make everyone think I nearly am. That I'm friendly and polite and smiling all the time. It's not true (duh!) but why is it I still try to send that message out? So this blog is gonna show some exposure, some deep and maybe ugly stuff. And how God sees that ugly evil stuff and still loves me anyway. Forgives me anyway. Wants to hang out with me anyway. It's just the kinda guy he is. Hopefully by showing my imperfection and HIS perfection, you'd see that it's not us that complete the equation - it's Him. (lol does that sentence even make sense... hopefully)...

To make you feel okay about talking about the sin and difficulties in your life. Hopefully there's a post that relates to you and you'll see we're not that different. We all go through crap and we all need people to know our crap to be there for us. Whether it be advice or just a listening ear and a hug. I don't really talk to people about what I go through. It's just so awkward and I cry REALLY easily so touchy conversations are what I avoid. But this is an indirect way of letting people know what's going on....

The three paragraphs were initially bullet points but they weren't short and sweet like bullet points are supposed to be so now they're just three paragraphs. (Wow interesting fact!!)

Okay, if you're the praying type, please pray for this blog - that it's used to say what God wants to say and not be like "Laura's Awesome Blog Of Her Being Awesome!!". It's about Him. Pray it stays that way.

God bless you (YOU who's reading this!!!) and stay beautiful.

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