Sunday, April 8, 2012

You Gotta Want Him

There have been A LOT of times where doing "the Christain thing" just felt like such a burden. Reading my bible - boring. Praying - kill me now. Writing on this blog - do I have to? Clap my hands in church - not in the mood. 

It's just so..... boring. All this religious stuff that we're supposed to want to do willingly is just so hard to want to do! (is it just me?! lol)

One reason behind it (to me anyway) is that I've totally missed the whole point of why Christians so these seemingly mundane activities.

I'll use boy-girl crushes as an analogy cos I feel you'll be able to relate to it easiest.

When you like a boy/girl or are in the first few days/weeks of your relationship, you want to spend lots and lots of time with/around them. You wanna talk to them, stalk their fb walls, hang out and talk about them to other people (but maybe not being really obvious about how much you're into them.... but I'm going off on a tangent here). Anyway, anything related to that person is just so amazing. Going to the same youth group or being in the same class or them saying hi to you one day. EVERYTHING is thrilling and you'll take what you can get. 

Well, it's like that with God (albeit, not EXACTLY the same for obvious reasons. lol). If you like him, you'll WANT to access as much information about them as you can or have direct (praying, or bible reading) or corporal (church singing, services, youth groups) access. You just find yourself wanting to do these things because you're so enthralled by Him. It's only when your prime focus is on God himself that these seemingly mundane become stuff you wanna do yourself. 

It's when you lose of God, the reason for it all, and start looking at the activity on its own out of context that it's starts feeling like meaningless religious acts. Which are totes are no-no. God doesn't want a bunch of religious, rule following, non-thinking mass. He wants you to get to know Him as a person and to be in your life everyday. 

He doesn't want anything from you, He simply wants you. As you are. Me. As I am.

So now reading my bible (online because I lost my physical copy - don't stone me!) is not a hassle. Praying is not this hard, long, process I have to endure. 


God bless yo! :)

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