Monday, June 25, 2012


The loooooong leave I took from this blog represents the involvement God has been in my life.

It seemed like his voice was faint and his presence was distant. We became acquaintances that met every Sunday and awkwardly stood next to each other because we had to...

I put less and less effort in our relationship and we drifted more and more apart. I felt so lonely. I felt all alone when no one else was around.

There's a song by Jon Foreman called Your Love Is Strong which I seemed to come across by chance tonight (well, maybe not according to Him). This was an old favourite but I've never heard the lyrics like I did tonight.

"Your love is, your love is, stro-o-o-o-ong. Your love is strong."

And I realised, his love is not only strong as in, a high concentration in my life. Not just strong as in, a lot. But strong as in, strong enough to change me. Strong enough to overcome my negligence. Strong enough to forgive my betrayal. Strong enough to reach out to me during my darkest of moments. Strong enough to change my day. His love is strong.

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