Saturday, July 14, 2012


Unity, togetherness, family, is one of the biggest things I try to resist when it comes to Christianity. I get so caught up in making sure I'm not part of a cult. I don't want to be a mindless follower. I don't want to do stuff just because the rest of the church does it.

I don't want religion to creep into my life so I resist any form of uniformity and routine.

But that's not what God intended for his church. He wants them, us, to be in agreement, together. Everything we so the same should be because we're all doing it for the same cause, to please the same God.

I don't like trends, cliques and exclusive clubs. Yet, that's what I'm creating for myself by not opening up to accepting those around me.

Open up Laura. Don't be such a hater.

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  1. I can really understand this. All things that I struggle with. Thanks.